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  1. are there any newbies in the atlanta area. if so, need good advice about daytrading firms here in the atlanta area. I know bright has an office here but what about new trend capital and assent in atlanta? are they any good prop firms here in the atlanta area that will consider $5000 starting capital?

    thanks, alex:)
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    I interviewed at this office when it was called ETG trade. The branch manager at the time, (forgot his name), was a complete nutsack. He was about 5'2" and had a total Napoleon complex. I didn't go with ETG because of this guy. So, make sure you sniff out the management and make sure you are comfortable with their style. I don't know if this guy still works there or not, I think he actually owned the branch back in the day. Now, he may not be involved at all for all I know. Good luck!
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    Do you know "FOR SURE" that bright has an office in Atlanta. I know for sure that an office did exists off Peachtree ST. however is it still open??
  5. I met two traders in ATL a while back (2mnytrdz and

    Miragers) you guys doing by the way?. Would you guys or

    anyone else like to meet back up some time in the future (a

    couple months from now) ? . Just throwing it out there.