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  1. Any traders in or near Atlanta GA?
  2. Lucrum


    I'm in Canton.
  3. <-- Birmingham here....but thats not really close..2hrs.
  4. Im in Kennesaw
  5. Buckhead ... TraderMike is also around here too.
  6. Good to know there are a few of us around ATL I have not been able to find anyone else around here for years. Guess I was just looking in the wrong place.
  7. I Just got into town, living in Acworth.

    Guess I'll have to change my name.
  8. Our club has several traders from the Atlanta area that attend our club meetings online where they are able to interact with other traders in the chat room, ask who is in the room from there area, and ask the presenters questions as well about the charts and trading strategies that are being shown during the club webcast. If you want more info, you can attend the next webcast we are having this Saturday morning and ask people in the room, if they are from the Atlanta area since I know we have some people that will be in this meeting from Atlanta because of the registrations I have got. If you would like to register, you can do so at this link:

    Also you have a local traders club where traders get together in person in Atlanta by the name of the Market Technicians Associaton. The person who runs that MTA chapter is Tim Snavely, 404-926-5473,
  9. Augusta. Anyone trading the E-minis ?
  10. What do you trade?
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