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  1. roll call.....

    who is prop and who trades as a customer ? trading thru / with ?

    anyone looking to get together and start a desk, share office space, etc ?

  2. ATLien


    I am in Atlanta. Not looking for anything, but wouldn't mind meeting a few more locals.
  3. wow. i know there are a bunch of opus/echo/assent prop guys but i thought there would be some more "independents"

    in contact with a few via PM.

    i thought there would be more......
  4. ATLien


    I think you're over estimating the popularity of ET. Most of the local guys I've met haven't heard of ET or they wouldn't actively spend time here.
  5. any other sites i should be visiting ?
  6. I recently got fired from my job, and i now have the free time to ride out to ATL. Any traders looking to meet somewhere for a casual luch and meet other like-minded traders from ET?

    - nate
  7. I'm moving from NY to Atlanta soon to start trading prop again.

    Where is the place to be in Atlanta for a recent grad? Is Buckhead any good? That's where the office is located... I'll probably live in that neighborhood too.

    I was only down there for one night so I didn't see much. I was impressed with the city nevertheless.
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    Buckhead is a nice area. Its a little pricey but its fun. Atlanta is a great city. I love it.
  9. with ?
  10. so ya, back to my original question.... :)
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