Atlanta in March?

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  1. OK, since I've had several requests for Atlanta get-together.. let's start making a list.

    Same format, free food and drinks (good risk reward). Open to everyone, even you guys from "XYZ" trading, LOL. Sharing our software programs, general industry chats etc. Bringing a couple of my top traders with me. Share our 2008 results, etc.

    Send email to: with Atlanta in the Subject line.

    Like to get around 50 or so. Probably in Buckhead somewhere. I have a couple of local traders helping find a place.

  2. Thanks for the emails...I'm trying to connect you guys with a couple of my local traders...hopefully you all help me put this together.

    I'm thinking mid March, if that helps.

  3. Sounds good Don!!

    You mentioned that you were going to pass on my e-mail info to a Bright Trader in Atlanta so that we can perhaps collaborate on having an event in Atlanta. Do you know if he's a member of this forum?

    FWIW... I'm remorseful that I didn't enroll in your 3-day training, which began today. I think I'm READY TO TAKE THE PLUNGE. Becoming a professional daytrader is something I've been researching for about a year now. Ironically, due to learning of the success rate and longevity of traders (or lack thereof), I was reluctant to make that committment. However, it has become a deep personal desire, as my time and desire has been devoted to it for almost 2 years, despite my lack of sustained success.

    Hopefully, you'll have the Atlanta session in March (or sooner)...


  4. We'll be there...I'm looking forward to it. We actually ended up with all 50 seats filled to the brim....I'll work out something with you for the next time...we'll chat in Atlanta!!

  5. Do you recommend that I study for and take the Series 7 exam between now and when the next 3-day training class is held?

    Btw... when is the next 3-day training scheduled?

    Looking forward to the Atlanta visit as well...

  6. Hi Don,

    I just wanted to get your take on a couple of things: (1) do you recommend that we start the process of acquiring a series 7 now; (2) when is the next 3-day training scheduled?


  7. Hi...ok, we do the whole process 4 times per year. Mon, Tues, Wed 3 day class (prerequisite to boot camp), followed the next week by boot camp.

    3 day is open to the public, nice turnout this time (about 52). For those already licensed, they can stay for boot camp and do the whole thing in one trip.

    The next sessions will be in April and May, the exact dates will be posted up in a week or so.

    Some choose to take the 3 day, then study for S7, then come back to 3 day (free, if they choose to have a refresher), and stay for the boot camp.

    Some choose to register with the firm, take their test, and, as mentioned above, do the whole thing in one trip.

    Repeats are not only welcome, but encouraged. Come back as often as you like...the market is always changing, so the classes have to adapt as well.

    See you soon!

  8. I'd love to come along. Will this be on a weekend?
  9. Most likely an early evening meal and drinks during the week.

    I'll have dates soon.....

  10. does bright have offer any desk space in atlanta ? was there an office?
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