atlanta heartland traders

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by traderjimbo, Jun 18, 2003.

  1. anyone know where the atlanta heartland traders went ??

    also, what firms have offices in atlanta ?? thanks
  2. i was moving in as some of the heartland guys were moving out. We are in the same bldg that they occupied about a month ago. not really sure where they went. i hope they didn't lose their deposits. i've got a guy here that worked with them awhile back....
  3. We have an office in Atlanta as well. Send me a PM if you want contact info.

  4. you don't miss a beat do you? you're like that energizer bunny!!! lol lol lol....... bong bong bong......yes traderjimbo, bright has an office in midtown, but echo is in the good part of town. wink wink...
  5. As you know, I employ several "celebrity assistants" to comb the various boards to be sure that every trader in the World is told about "Bright, Justice, and the American Way!"......(oops, tongue caught in cheek).....

    Don :p

  6. I heard they were moving over to the four seasons starting mid month.
  7. that better be a damn good cheeseburger for $8.50.... right up the street from our office....should we try it????