Atlanta GA Traders

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  1. Shadow23


    are there any traders in atlanta ga?
  2. fandyur


    I'm up in Blairsville.
    North Georgia mountains
  3. Norcross
  4. bkveen3


    right downton
  5. fandyur


    the 4 ga. traders.
    i trade eurodollars
    and eurodollar spreads.
    you people?
  6. Watch NQ, ES, 6A
    trading NQ only for now..
  7. Equities/Index Futures in Roswell/Buckhead
  8. equites and options

    Cumming GA.

    PM me
  9. Hey fandyur,

    I typically trade the ES futures and options; however, I've become quite intrigued by the eurodollar. Many traders seek high volatility plays. Unlike most other traders, I prefer more efficient markets. Do you have much mean reversion experience with the Eurodollar, especially in association with the yield curve?

    I'm located in Gwinnett County area.

  10. I trade stocks and options. I also partner with many firms to offer prop at a cheap rate. Everything goes. (stocks, options, futures, Forex)
    #10     Jan 24, 2010