Atlanta Fed chief Dennis Lockhart: "True Unemployment Rate in U.S. is 16%"

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  1. ......And in other news, Dennis Lockhart was removed as Managing Director of the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank today. Abby Joseph Cohen was named as an interim successor. :cool:
  2. She'd be PERFECT!

    "I see a lot of growth out there and am very bullish through the year 3875."
  3. In Nazi Germany Lockhart would have disappeared overnight and tortured to death for treason in the Gestapo chambers :cool:
  4. greddy


    Larry Kudlow was defending her in his
    program a few weeks ago.

    "She warned us of the 1987 crash"

    I guess you have to go back that far
    to say something nice about her.
  5. say what you want about her but shes pulling in more cash than i'd say anyone on here is and shes got more connections too
  6. 1) Newborn baby kittens could do what she does.
    2) Abby and you must be in the same congregation. :cool:
  7. the1


    it's not <b>what</b> you know it's.......yeah, you know where I'm going with this.

  8. Stating was is, and has been the official BLS U-6 since May is not news. Is there a point to this thread?