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    after reading some review of his diet, I throw out a hamburger bun when I eat lunch. After a couple of months my pant started falling down, I though the pant was defective so I bought a new one and it had the same problem, when I bought the third pant I dawn on me that my waist was shrinking.:eek:
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    sounds like a simple plan to me.
  3. i'm a diet expert.....i seriously am. i've been lifting weights for years and i keep track of everything i eat every day in excel. the total number of calories you have a day are what matters the most. the amount of calories depends on a lot of things, though, like how much physical activity you've had, etc.

    say, you've determined that you need 2,500 calories today to maintain your current weight. you could eat 2,500 calories worth of ice cream or 2,500 calories worth of carrots. your weight will stay the same. that is why you can eat fatty foods as long as you are aware of your total calories.

    i'm not saying to eat ice cream instead of carrots. some food is better for you than others. i'm just talking about net calories here. every day i determine how many calories i need depending on if i want to maintain, gain, or lose weight. then i make sure i get a specific amount of protein. after that, i eat absolutely anything i want. the key is that i stick to my desired calories for the day.

    p.s. tell me how to make money trading and i'll tell you how to look like the guys in bowflex commercials. :D no joke!
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    my friend work as personal trainer for rich people he get to hear good stock tip but he said what he enjoy more is telling them how out of shape they are and make them pay for his time. You may consider doing the same thing.
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    Do you have a picture?

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    like before and after diet? no since I didn't intentionally follow the diet, I just read some review and the idea of eating less sugar appeal to me.
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    I am a terrible dieter, I cheat and have to start from scratch continueously. I have tried many diets and failed ALL of them - except one...the Atkins diet. Lost over 45 lbs. in about 9 months and kept it off for over a two years so far.

    So look at it like TA - forget the noise. Follow your weight loss results and chose the system that works. The only one I found is Atkins.
  8. No, "everything" does not work. This is the only way to go. Believing a high fat diet is healthy and nutritious is the height of stupidity, I don't care how much weight you lost. Atkins can go suck raw eggs! He's an idiot.

    "The calorically restricted low-fat nutrient-dense diet in Biosphere 2 significantly lowers blood glucose, total leukocyte count, cholesterol, and blood pressure in humans.

    Walford, RL., Harris, SB, Gunion, MW. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 1992; 89: 11533-11537.
    Abstract: Biosphere 2 is a 3.15-acre space containing an ecosystem that is energetically open (sunlight, electric power, and heat) but materially closed, with air, water, and organic material being recycled. Since September 1991, eight subjects (four women and four men) have been sealed inside, living on food crops grown within. Their diet, low in calories (average. 1780 kcal/day; 1 kcal = 4.184 kJ), low in fat (10% of calories), and nutrient-dense, conforms to that which in numerous animal experiments has promoted health, retarded aging, and extended maximum life span. We report here medical data on the eight subjects, comparing preclosure data with data through 6 months of closure. Significant changes included: (i) weight, 74 to 62 kg (men) and 61 to 54 kg (women); (ii) mean systolic/diastolic blood pressure (eight subjects), 109/74 to 89/58 mmHg (1 mmHg = 133 Pa); (iii) total serum cholesterol, from 191 + 11 to 123 + 9 mg/dl (mean + SD; 36% mean reduction), and high density lipoprotein, from 62 + 8 to 38 + 5 (risk ratio unchanged); (iv) triglyceride, 139 to 96 mg/dl (men) and 78 to 114 mg/dl (women); (v) fasting glucose, 92 to 74 mg/dl; (vi) leukocyte count, 6.7 to 4.7 x 109 cells per liter. We conclude that drastic reductions in cholesterol and blood pressure may be instituted in normal individuals in Western countries by application of a carefully chosen diet and that a low-calorie nutrient-dense regime shows physiologic features in humans similar to those in other animal species. "

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    Yes, that's what I meant.

    If you are girl, post a picture anyway...

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    oh, I get you, sorry I posted my result because I think it could benefit other fellowman.
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