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  2. surprise ! surprise ! :eek:

    258 lbs ! He was a big boy.

  3. "Stuart Trager, chairman of the Atkins Physicians Council in New York, told the Journal that Atkins' heart disease stemmed from cardiomyopathy, a condition thought to result from a viral infection.

    Atkins' weight was due to bloating associated with his condition, and he had been much slimmer during most of his life, Trager said.

    The medical examiner's report was given to the Journal by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a group that advocates vegetarianism. The medical examiner's office told the Journal that the report had been sent to the group in error. "
  4. "In April 2002, Atkins issued a statement saying he was recovering from cardiac arrest related to a heart infection he had suffered from "for a few years." He said it was "in no way related to diet."

    this is old news....
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  6. The *viral* cause of the cardiomyopathy is laughable... the guy suffered from CHF and cardiomyopathy is often a complication.

    Cyclical Ketogenic Diets(CKD) are worthwile for losing weight quickly and altering morphology, but terrible for long-term use. The South Beach Diet is a more viable, long-term alternative.

  7. it is old news......heard about it awhile can keep your bridge. btw, are you a vegan or something?
  8. not claiming it was or wasn't.....but would be happy to look at some proof if you can back up your claim.
  9. Did you make the claim? Did I state you did? I thought I was refuting the Atkins Doc, no? Are you Dr. Trager?

    Proof? That's easy, do a medline search, hell, google will suffice. This was first year of med school, but I've seen it more times than I care to remember. I don't need to prove it, do your own homework.

  10. why all the hostility??? just asking a question? you having a bad day? i did some research earlier and came across a case of a woman that suffered from this problem and it was attributed to a viral infection.
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