Ati Radeon Ve Agp & Radeon 7500 Pci

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by November_Trader, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. Is anybody using a ATI RADEOM VE agp dualhead and RADEON 7500 64MB PCI dualhead on one computer for four monitors on Windows XP Pro? If so were there any problems?
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    i did not find thesame config...
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  4. Are you currently using the ATI card and having problems and was wondering if others are having similar problems?

    Or...are you thinking about purchasing the ATI card and just want to make sure other traders aren't having problems?

    Have you tried calling ATI tech department or a sales rep that may know someone at the company that can give you an answer?

  5. I have the VE and orderd the radeon7500 pci and would like to know if anyone is having thesame config.

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    I don't know if things have changed, but a year ago, I called ATI Tech and asked them about more than one dual-head card. He told me, "... If you run the AGP VE card, nothing else will work with it". So, I opted for 4 single cards.

    Good luck, you all. :D
  7. kowboy


    I'm running the ATI 8500 AGP dual monitor card and two ATI 7000 PCI single monitor cards on windows 2000 PRO and it's working OK.

    This configuration is not supported by ATI. I am using the 8500 driver for all three cards.

    This absolutely did not work for me with Win 98. System and screen freeze crashes all the time.

    Be sure to update to the latest drivers on the ATI site.