ATI Radeon or Matrox G450 dual-monitors support...

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    I love my matrox G400MAX / G450 PCI combo on WinNT, but hated that I couldn't get the G450 in a 32MB card so I could run 1200x1600 on all my monitors. They finally released one. Even has DVI output.

    They're also releasing a quad G450 PCI in 2nd quarter. You could run 4 of them for 16 monitors and heat your whole house at the same time!

    By the way, I don't have any connection with Matrox. I just saw this and thought someone might be interested. Also, if someone does get the G450 quad, let us know how it works.

    Matrox presents new Millennium G450 32MB PCI graphics card with DVI output
    Matrox Graphics introduces the Matrox Millennium G450 32MB PCI graphics card, providing the ultimate in features and flexibility to the corporate and industrial markets. The latest 32MB card is fully loaded with productivity-enhancing features such as DVI output, 32MB of RAM, and DualHead support at resolutions as high as 1600 x 1200 on both displays. Click here for the full press release:

    Introducing the new Matrox G450 X2 MMS and Matrox G450 X4 MMS
    Matrox announces the new third-generation MMS line of products to provide outstanding multi-monitor support and unparalleled image quality to the financial and corporate markets. As the world’s smallest four-chip graphics accelerators, these half-length, full-height PCI cards meet the size requirements of the next generation of smaller desktop systems, while remaining fully compatible with today's standard desktops. Read more:


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  2. exe


    What's the price on that quad G450? I've been waiting to get a quad DVI setup and just bought an Appian Rushmore. Unfortunately, it's suppose to be able to pivot the screens to portrait mode but there's no drivers for it under XP. Not as advertised!

    As to the original topic, I have a P4 1.6 512mb WinXP Pro running 2 LCD's. I tried both the G450 and Radeon 7500. On the G450 I was only running one LCD in analog mode. The quality wasn't great, I had to make manual adjustments etc... and it still wasn't sharp. Then I changed over to the Radeon 7500 running the same analog LCD, was sharp. All I needed to do with press the auto adjust on my LCD and everything was very sharp. I added a digital LCD to it, and they both work nicely. I'm using both in portrait mode and it's awesome.

    Will be installing the Appian this weekend, I hope I can get it to portrait mode, that's why I bought it over the Appian X. I wish Appian would keep to what they advertise when they say it's XP compatable. It's not, and the drivers were only e-mailed to me yesterday, having bought this card 2 weeks ago. And there is no Hydravision and extra drivers for this thing under XP.
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    WEll Golly gee whiz, now you tell me.

    Come to find out that after a month of having an ATI Dual AGP card running two monitors, and having two more ATI PCI 7200's running two more monitors::: That ATI does not support this configuration according to the email I just received from their tech support.

    In other words, if you need a couple of montors, OK, but not four?

    Funny how I never found out about this when talking to tech support and sales prior to my purchase.

    Well, if this doesn't work out, on to the MATROX quad card when it comes out.
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    Are the monitors close together? I ask since the 15" sounds
    old and especially as windows doesnt recognize it. It might be
    creating EM interference to the other 17". If they are close try
    moving them as far apart as possible to check.

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  5. Are there any advantages to running a quad card as opposed to two duals or a dual and two singles? Seems to me the quad card might be generating some serious heat on the chips and that might be a worry, but I don't really know.
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    If you are concerned about heat problems try: (US) (UK)

    You can get PC equipment to remove extra heat.


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