ATI Radeon Eyefinity unveiled: up to six monitors on a single card

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by GTS, Sep 10, 2009.

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    At a press event today the gang at AMD unleashed their newest graphics technology on the world. To be incorporated in the next generation of ATI Radeons, Eyefinity can rock up to six displays (DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, etc.) with a single card, thanks to a new 40-nm graphics chip that contains 2 billion transistors, capable of 2.5 trillion calculations every second. Monitors can be configured to make up either one contiguous display or six separate ones, and the card can create 268 megapixel images.
  2. That's very interesting. Thanks for the post.

    I wonder if it's like a brick (like my 8800 ultra's) or single height card (in which case I could fit four of them in my Asus WS series mobo)... I have four PCIe x16 slots.

    if you come across a picture or specs please let us know.

    Thanks again!
  3. Ok, that sounds like FINALLY ATI is also getting into a financial capable display territory, after the stuff we had from Matrox and Nvidia.

    I Like that one can switch between "one screen" and "multiple screens" logically - usable for hugh displays as well as trading.


    * Give me an entry model that is 1 slot, HALF HEIGHT and PASSIVELY COOOLED, so I can put multiple into one computer and run the cooling through big fans in front... and if it is 16xPciE only, I can use an adapter to put it into a 1xPciE slot ;)

    and I am a happy camper. Don't make it half heigt... and I can still drive 12 screens on a CrossFire capable board.

    I like those ;) any idea when they come on the market? It slowly gets time for ATI's DirectX 11 offering to spin up the marketing, if the cards should be available mid October ;)
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    ..... Am I the only one who can't understand why the fu*k someone would need more than three monitors? Even for financial it just seems.... The hell?
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    Found this link in the comments sections of the Engadget article:

    Shows the back of a PC with a single card and another picture with 4 cards in use (attached to 24 monitors), here is the single card shot:

  6. Well....
    ...I think of getting a 6 monitor stand.


    * Many markets - especially options are need space.

    And then the great way to have 6 montiors apear as ONE - great for demonstrations etc. Projectors are not always usable.

    Plus... gaming ;) Great for certain kinds of games ;)
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    wonder how much it will cost ...
  8. It appears to be a single height card with passive cooling from looking at the limited pictures available online.

    As to why anyone needs 6 monitors to trade, I can't think of how many could possibly be too many. The more information you have, the better informed decision you can make.

    Trading gold I have 7 windows opened with just gold. Then I have several windows for the dollar and snp. All that just to trade gold.

    Then I trade some ag futures and other products.

    If I were running 24 screens, there would probably be 3-5 screens dedicated to each product I'm trading.

    If you're just scalping the snp then you probably don't need more then 1-2 screens.

    I also run three pc's to trade. One is nothing but trading & charting. Another is for news and another for e-mail, calendars, etc.

    Different strokes for different folks!

    Let's see what the price of this card is ...
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    Magnificent stuff :)