ATI RADEON 9700 PRO ... anyone???

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by JustDave, Oct 25, 2002.

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    Has anyone heard anything about using the RADEON 9700 Pro to run 2 digital monitors?

    It says it can support dual monitors...just wondering if anyone has any first-hand experience with them.

  2. I don't have one, but I believe the 9700 Pro comes with one digital (DVI) and one analog (VGA) out. I don't think you can run two digital right out of the box. I think I recall seeing a jack for an extra DVI adapter off the card, but I've never seen any info on if such an adapter actually exists.

    BTW, I run dual monitors off the previous version of the Radeon. One DVI and one VGA. Works well.
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    Thanks Phoenix...

    I am getting the impression (the more I find to read) that it may not be possible...unless I can find a dual DVI cable. Matrox I know carries one, but I think they only work with the Matrox DualHead cards (200MMS, 550DVI, etc..)

    Even if I find a dual DVI cable, the next question will be - will it work just like connecting one digital and one analog?

    I emailed ATI - but no response yet...

    We'll see....
  4. The dual DVI cable from Matrox is only for specific Matrox cards and won't work with ATI cards. The real issue is that the ATI cards only contain one TMDS transmitter on-board. You need a second one in order to run two DVI monitors. The add-on port I was referring two would require the add-on daughter card to contain another TMDS unit.
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    Ahhhh...ok...well that just sucks!

    Guess its back to research mode...I was just hoping to find one that both supported 2 digital monitors as well as could handle some graphic intensive games...need something to do in my spare time

  6. If Radeon Pro 9700 is like the Radeaon serie 7500/8500/9000, you could connect 2 CRT monitors with an adapter included with the retail box (not OEM).
    It is the All In Wonder Radeon serie that you cannot connect 2 CRT monitors.
    BTW, the 9700 is the most $$ video card in the market now, it may be a bit overkill for trading. I've ordered the 9000 Pro 64 Megs (128Meg is mostly used for 3D gamming, however, what I've read lately, there are not a lot of games using all those 128Megs...)
    Hope this help

    Cheers!! :)

    p.s.: I Q3, do you? we could meet online :p
  7. Well, if money isn't an issue and you want excellent 3D and dual DVI, look at the nVidia workstation class video cards like the Quadro4 XGL. There are various models with differing performance and video output characteristics.

    Here is a review of the XGL...
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    I need the 9700 to do dual digital.....Dave like digital, not analog :D

    PLUS it would be nice to have all that umph for those games like Q3 and upcoming Doom3 :D :D

    I guess what I am going to have to do is settle for a card for my trading machine, do a few trades, take the profit and get me a game machine....screw the bills!!!

    I use to do a lot of online gaming but had to put all of that on the back-burner to learn trading. But as I am getting a little better at what I do, I think I will be able to play a little more.

    Who knows, once I get my game pc and get it tweaked, we can meet online - hopefully Doom 3 will be out then and THAT should be fun!!
  9. You're not going to o/c your video card, eh??!!! be fair!!! :D
  10. heard aboout them. you need to install a card on your conputer too.
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