ATI FirePro Multimonitor Graphics Card Question

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    I am using 3 ATI FirePro 2460 GDDR3 512 MB Video cards each with 4 outputs.
    One of them crashed. It had GDDR3 & so do other two.
    New FirePro 2460 are GDDR5 512 MB.

    (1) Will GDDR5 be compatible with the old ones which are GDDR3 ? Rest of the specs are same.

    Thank You
  2. Most probably. I'd say nearly 100% certain. Worst case if not, replace your two older GDDR3 cards with newer ones for maximum performance... then sell your old ones on eBay.
  3. What resolution are you driving? The VRAM really is for 3D and gaming so if you are using the monitors to trade, you shouldn't have any problems with incompatibility.

    On a second note, just how many monitors are you running total?
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    Good idea but prefer if I can get by with just the new one.
  5. Only way to know for sure is to buy one and try it... or maybe buy a used GDDR3 one off of eBay.
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    1920x1200 on 24 inch monitors.

    Using only for trading. No gaming.
  7. Resolution won't be an issue. Only possible thing is that the GDDR5 and GDDR3 don't work together... which I think is highly unlikely considering they are the same model card. (You know in your computer if you have RAM of different speeds, the faster just dumbs down to the speed of the slower.)
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    Makes sense.
    Also this card would be in its own slot & will have 4 of its own monitors.
    So wondering if it would make any difference.
  9. I don't think that makes any difference. Windows sees and manages the "extended desktop" as a whole unit. It has its own protocol for numbering monitors within the extended desktop with more than one video card.
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    your setup is interesting. You have 3 graphic cards with 4 outputs each (ie total 12 outputs).
    How many 24" monitors are you using?
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