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  1. mktman


    Anyone running an ATI AGP and ATI PCI cards in the same system?

    Looking to run ati 9000Pro(if I can find one) and ATI 7500 PCI.
    But ATI website says that they wont support running AGP and PCI in same system.



  2. okwon


    I had ATI PCI and AGP running together. It worked fine, no problems at all, with Windows XP. Later, I had to install Win2k because of some other software issues. I could not get the cards to work together running Win2k, so I got another AGP card.
  3. kowboy


    Running 4 CRT monitors with 7500 PCI and 8500 AGP with windows 2000 Pro. Runs good. Would not work reliably on Windows 98.

    I would caution unless you already have the ATI units, that I used to be able to call tech support but cannot get a live person anymore. But I would guess that most of the video card manufacturers are the same.
  4. I am. Both are in the 7000 series though. Not sure about the support. I purchased the second card locally and asked if I could bring it back if it wouldn't work/coexist in my system. The store agreed, so I bought it and have been happy since.
  5. I've been running ATI AGP and PCI cards together for 5+ years... previously on W98, now on Win2000. Mine all run on Rage 128 Pro driver... less noise and heat... no video card fans.
  6. I am running 3 monitors using a ATI 7500 AGP and ATI 7500 PCI on a windows xp computer. No problems at all.
  7. mktman


    Thx for all the responses great help.

  8. TraderRC


    You can definetly run AGP and PCI in the same machine however if the chipsets are different you cant. For example you can't run a NVIDIA card and an ATI card .
  9. mktman


    Should I stick with the ATI 9000Pro or go with an Nvidia TI4200 model like an MSI brand?