ATI 7500 pci HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I bought Dell GX260 with ATI RADEON VE Dual Display AGP with 2*21” monitor and it was fantastic.

    Recently I bought RADEON7500 PCI also dual display with an additional 2*21” dell monitors

    In the 7500 I don’t see a sharp image as in the Ve (strange since the 7500 has 2 times Memory than the VE 64M DDR)

    In one of the Monitors I also see a yellow background .

    Can anyone help?

  2. complex


    the amount of memory will not affect how sharp the picture is. check your cables, maybe switching them with a different cable.

    if one of the monitors seems yellow, try swapping it and mating it with a known good video card. if it still seems yellow, then its the monitor that is bad.

  3. I try that and it is not the Monitor.

    thank you

    BTW, all 4 monitors are Dell p1110

    Regards :)
  4. if you get a yellow picture that's probably the monitor cable. play a bit with the cable or take the monitor to the lab and ask them to replace the cable.

  5. TGregg


    Just swap the cable with one you know works to test this.
  6. if you all say so it is probably it.

    I will call Service and post the outcome.
  7. Monsoon


    ATI has horrible driver support..
  8. Reduce your color level to a lower bit rate.
  9. way the amount of memory will not affect how sharp the picture is?
  10. LCD's are different. Some cannot show decent resolution at high bit rate and appear to be fuzzy. It's an easy test. Just go to Display ---> Settings and change the bit rate in the color bar pull down menu.
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