ATHM out of business?!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Kicking, Aug 20, 2001.

  1. What could happen to the cable service? On a side note,sometimes I really wonder if the collapse of many internet businesses is not going to affect us all (at least those who trade from home) , one or two acces providers that will control their market, the end of the freebies, inactivity fees at brokerages etc. I mean the cost of doing business doesn't seem to be going down but up.
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    a delisting (which is the rumour that creamed ATHM today) does not mean that it will stop transacting business, but simply that it will not be trading
  3. Yes - this morning de-listing and in CA both my ATT cable
    and @home internet both ceased working >>>
    One more reason for me to switch NL funds. I am paying
    $80 for composite ATT (CNBC and cable internet)
    if I have to add real time quote provider and DSL backup I am up to $200-300 for nothing. It's clear to see who
    is making money in the Daytrading phenomenon - quote
    providers, data vendors, book writers, coaches, shrinks
    (I sure need one already) - lawyers (boy, we can sue brokers despite arbitration forms.)... and yes, Prop firms !!!!!
    I realize every business needs operating expenses. but the
    lack of reliability and costs can overrun in the trading business are beyond control !!!! It's worth moving to Chicago and I can take the train to the CBOT trade there and your cost is minimized !
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    why are shrinks called shrinks, anybody know ?
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    shrink n : a physician who specializes in psychiatry [syn: psychiatrist, head-shrinker]

    maybe it's related to a witch doctor shrinking heads?

  6. Anybody experiencing unusual downtime with ATHM since they filed for bankruptcy 2 weeks ago?
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    nothing unusual here (so far), what about you ? was there a reason you are asking?
  8. 2 disruptions of service in one week ! Plus I just found out that my backup free ISP's that I rarely had to use so far have all gone under!:eek:
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    I have an ATHM cable line and I have not experieced any problems either, although I'm not on it often.