“This is a very stubborn recession,”...

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  1. Jobs wont come back for years. If at all in the next decade unless there are new industries created that benefit mankind. I'm afraid the innovation and leadership this country once had has fallen victim to fat stock market profits in the internet bubble boom years and for those who know how to swing their portfolios up and down. Baby boomers are passing away handing down their estates over to their kids who are more spoiled and have no clue hwo to manage money - they only know how to spend on stupid things.

    Since 1998 stocks have gone nowhere. Yes, 10 years of nowhere and its nothing new because all we created are things of stupid necessities like iPods, 3rd generation cell phones and the Snuggie. Do you realize this?

    Businesses will continue to layoff because salaries are too high, union contracts too high, etc. Inflation will fall with it to compensate - great for the wealthy who get to buy more for less. Your better off moving to another country as the dollar strengthens and work there. Hell, you may even be able to get free healthcare.

    As businesses continue to layoff, they will go to the temporary jobs market. Why? Because they wont have to pay benefits which are a huge drain on capital. And no, a business man won't pay you extra for those benefits in your hourly wage to compensate -he's trying keep his business above water.

    The government wont do squat to help the labor market. Have they for the past 12 months? No. Census takers don't count. And why should they? Do you want to have a workforce entirely based off government sponsorship, if not be government driven? Where's the capitalism in that? That's down right socialist.

    Don't kid yourself. This country is falling apart and all that matters right now is salvaging people's retirement funds before the next economic fallout. I see people reaching for their sell buttons to get whatever they can back out of their red portfolios SOON. And all for what? To pay for the outrageous rise in college education, for continuing higher levels of healthcare and insurance. For higher energy bills, cable television and food prices.

    I live in one of the wealthiest metropolitan cities in the United States. For the past 5 years I've seen more people shopping with welfare checks and people walking the streets homeless than ever. Its sad whats going on. Its so bad that twice a month I go buy food, make lunch bags full of food and hand them out to the people struggling out in the streets.

    Don't tell me there is no inflation in this country. Inflation is just another word for greed factor. It is up to the government to put in price controls on everything to prevent this from spiraling out of control.

    Hey, capitalism is turning to into socialism here in America and it sucks. This is what happens when greed takes over and its every man for himself. There's no sense of country comraderie anymore except in a national disaster, then we all go back to being selfish people.

    I call it the way I see it.
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