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  1. Three us traders in athens would like to meet to discuss trading and seek help in getting into bars that have loose women. expenses paid.

    we will give you good strategies to make money and let you watch us trade the us markets in return for getting us into clubs. sorry if this belongs in a diff section but it does involve trading advice on markets for advice on getting into dance clubs.

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    Pay the doormen????
  3. 1. get fake IDs if you're underage
    2. come with (reasonably hot) women in the first place, much easier to get into any club. Bouncers don't like sausage fest gangs of 5-6 computer geeks
    3. check dress code and dress accordingly
    4. be sober when you arrive
    5. reserve table in VIP area, guaranteeing minimum revenues to the club, rent & arrive in limo. No way bouncers won't let you in.
    6. pass bouncer(s) 50/100 EUR bills, also helps later if you get into trouble inside. Just call the bouncer that you tipped before, they will handle things.

    If all this doesn't help, try this:
  4. Is this you guys?