Athens. A few fires here and there.

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    does this mean the US market is going to be up monday?

    any predictions
  2. US markets will be up. Expect SPY to trade in the 135's and close at 136's on friday.
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    i was hoping to be up much more than what you are talking about

    we will see

  4. Perfect recipe for a commodities bump up. Another EUR/USD shift and such. Social containment inprogess in addition to US election year forces in play.

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    Can anybody explain to me how this "bond swap" works? When we were kids, when somebody stole something, we said they "swapped it". I would really like to understand the mechanics behind this. Who would be swapping exactly what?
  6. Did Athens just win an NBA championship?
  7. On the bright side, there's lots of new ruins to visit in Greece.
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    LOL...... what a bunch of losers. If these lazy Greeks applied half as much effort to work as they do to protesting and rioting, they wouldn't be in this mess.
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