Atheists....whats your story?

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  1. Nobody get so obsessed about something unless it benefits them or causes them pain.

    So atheists....whats your story? What happened with Christianity that caused you so much pain, that you spend hours every day trying to prove it wrong?

    If you truthfully say Christianity has never personally caused you pain then fighting against it must benefit you some way. The only way I can think of is the attention you get. You like attention so you bash something sacred to get it. (And please dont give me the "i'm trying to save the world by getting rid of religion" speech) If atheists were interested in that, they wouldnt be so full of hate and anger towards their fellow men. They would hate only the religion and not the people who they believe are blinded by religion, and we all know atheists hate the people who believe by their words.

    So tell us what happened that made you obsessed with fighting Christianity.
  2. i'm for anything you can prove but

    dont try to sell me a bill of goods :D

    i wasn't born yesterday

    i didnt just fall off the boat

    the tree doesnt fall far from the apple
  3. i dont hate you. i laugh at you just as i would laugh at a grown man who would go to a psychic medium to talk to their long dead relatives. i would hate what would happen to this country if people like you could achieve their goals. something like this would happen:

    "All that is needed for ignorance to suceed is for wise men to say nothing."
  4. i'll go out on a limb here..

    "there is no reasonable belief without rational proof"

    -KTS :D
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    It's 2010, get with the program. No excuse for believing idiotic crap.
  6. They just wanted their own religon.
  7. Biblical god is a sociopath. How is he not worse than satan?

    His biggest concern is for you to worship him (VANITY) If you don't, you suffer forever and greatly.

    What is worse, the biblical god did his best to hide himself and offer no proof of his existence (thus requiring "faith")

    You have to be extremely naive to believe the bible. It is completely nonsensical.

    Believing in the bible and believing in afterlife. I do believe there is something "out there" just something that in no way resembles christianity (or islam or any other religion).
  8. Eight


    They believe lies. They also will huff and puff and threaten to blow your house down if you try to tell them how ridiculous their belief system is... other than that, wow, I really want them around.. NOT!

    The text books tell us that "the Geologic Column is calibrated by the strata" in one part of the book and "the Strata is calibrated by the Geologic Column" in another part of the book... that is not calibration, calibration is "comparison to a known standard" and there isn't one... so they have this fantasy calibration that forms a belief system... and when they take actual scientific measurements they throw out 70-80% of them!! They have conjecture about the age and beginnings of the Universe with trappings of science!! Then they throw in a giant leap of faith and believe that micro evolution is proof of macro evolution... wow, way to go oh great thinkers!! As long as they have an excuse to toss God under the bus and be free of responsibilities they are good to go!! They then go on to believe that Man invented God out of some deep psychological need!! All of that then gives them the right to be really nasty about things and commandeer tremendous public monies and control the venue for debate which of course means that they are like the Medieval Church Scholars, they are never wrong and anybody that doesn't agree with them can't share in the money!! I'm certain that if they could get away with it they might be killing people that don't agree.. oh wait, the Russian and Chinese communists did that to the tune of a hundred million people. Did anybody notice that without God their cultures collapsed? I mean, China was dirt poor before and now they aren't totally dirt poor but most of their waterways carry raw sewage, not exactly high end living to say the least.. and Russia, wow, they are trying to rediscover rule of law... a better path would have been to keep the churches, teach peasants to read and build a first world economy but not those incredibly intelligent and energetic atheists, hell no, they know better!!

    Did I miss anything?
  9. Mav88


    I'm not sure why, but all non believers are typically lumped as believing the same things. That's one hell of a strawman. Also lack of religion is deemed religion- I think that's your subconscious in doubt guys. You need to hand wave people like me off as just having switched deities so that you can comfortably believe. It's all the same right? I mean fundamentally anyone who believes in some god is ok with you.

    The problem with me is that details and logical consistency matter. I used to sit in church and dissect the sermon, it was so hopelessly nonsensical that I decided to try and become a christian apologist myself so that I could make sense of things, surely those 'retards' were not trained well. I studied people like William Lane Craig (don't even try that Josh McDowell or C.S Lewis shit, for 1st graders) and took apart their arguments. I knew a pentacostal pastor personally and talked with him.

    In the end it doesn't hold up. There is no evidence for it and plenty against it. It logically doesn't hold together either.
  10. I have a bank executive cousin who spent his whole life steeped in the church, in catholic school and even studied in the seminary for several years. Then one day, he quit.

    When I asked him why, he said "I woke up and accepted that it's all BS". (sorry peil)
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