Atheists vs. Theists -- Round 2,047

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aphexcoil, May 3, 2004.

  1. Come on Rowenwood, I'll allow you the first introductory comments on this topic.
  2. your shootin blanks stud..

  3. You must be confusing this thread with your private porno collection.
  4. you know me better than that..

    i am loaded for bear

  5. God idiots are idiots; the end.
  6. That is a subjective opinion standing naked without the clothing of facts -- would you care to elaborate on why?

    ...A smoking shot.
  8. Clothing:

    There once were god idiots that prayed for unicorn that never grew and so they starved to death.

    There once were god idiots that had saintly penises and sacred virginal vaginas not realizing that penises and vaginas are genitals.

    God is a masochistic, fatalistic, sadistic, womanizer.

    If penises and vaginas are considered sacred then why not go to the next level and make fecal crosses and urine smoothies.

    Jesus had a penis and erections. Maybe jesus was gay. Maybe jesus had a little penis or a big penis.

    Maybe jesus was constipated. Maybe he masturbated.

    Maybe jesus' mother took it in the but.
  9. Oh come on, you're far more capable than this.
  10. I'm sorry I'm really not in the mood.

    A few people have been challenging me lately, but I just don't care to prove myself; I feel that I've already.

    Why don't you fight with Longshot he loves to argue. All I can offer you are crude infantile investives.

    Sorry buddy, maybe later; inspire me to hate you.
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