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  1. I'm very curious to how the atheists would answer this question.

    Do you believe it is possible that there is advanced humanoid intelligent life on other planets?

    Its a little off the topic of religion for today, but I thought it would be a good question as there is no proof that their is (requires faith), although there are many people that claim to have seen aliens, and also the fact that intelligent life exists on our planet so do you believe its possible that it could happen on another world even though the only proof you have is that we are here.
  2. Atheists do not believe in "supernatural immortal being".
  3. You can believe in after life and not believe in the bible. Remember, the bible is just one of many explanations and a flawed one at that.
  4. Sure. But believing it's possible has nothing to do with the concept of a "deity creating it".
  5. I'm wondering if anyone even read the question
  6. What does supernatural immortal being has to do with advanced intelligent being on the other planet?

    I am wondering if you are capable to understand the difference.
  7. Our galaxy alone has hundreds of billions of stars and there are billions of galaxies in the universe. Astronomers are finding new planets around different stars practically every week. I'd say the probability is very high for some form of intelligent life.

    Considering how far we've come since the Wright bros. only 100 yrs ago, just imagine a civilization that had a 1 million year headstart on us.
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    He was trying, I believe, to cut you off. Your last paragraph indicates where you are headed. If we accept that there are possibly advanced, intelligent, humanoid beings elsewhere in the universe, evidence unseen, then why can't we accept the possibility of God (a supernatural immortal being), evidence unseen?

    Just about everyone, except atheists, does accept that possibility. Good scientists do, they simply say, "yes, it's possible, we await the evidence."
  9. it has something to do with the fact that for over 2000 years we have been looking at the evidence for a god. in all that time not a shred of evidence has been found that points to a god. even worse when we take the testimonial evidence for god,that being religious texts,and subject them to scientific inquiry they do not hold up.

    here is an example of the scientific inquiry done that falsifies the religious texts. notice most of it was done by believers:
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    We've covered this ground, vhehn. You don't have the "sense". That's not a criticism.
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