Atheists are frightened of this?

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  1. WTF? A cross in the desert is a threat to them? If you followed the story you know it's atheists that stole the thing. Seems odd to be so afraid of something they claim does not exist.

    LOS ANGELES – Thieves have stolen a cross in the Mojave Desert that was built to honor Americans who died in war, less than two weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court allowed the religious symbol to remain on federal land.

    The 7-foot-high cross was stolen late Sunday or early Monday by thieves who cut the metal bolts that attached the symbol to a rock in the sprawling desert preserve, National Park Service spokeswoman Linda Slater said.

    The U.S. Justice Department was looking into the case, and a veterans group planned to offer a $25,000 reward to help catch the thieves.

    "The American Legion expects whoever is responsible for this vile act to be brought to justice," said Clarence Hill, the group's national commander. "While the memorial has been attacked, the fight will continue to ensure that veterans memorials will remain sacrosanct."

    The cross came under legal fire about a decade ago by a former park service employee on grounds that it violated the constitutional separation of church and state. A lengthy court fight ensued, culminating with a 5-4 ruling by the Supreme Court that said the cross should remain.
  2. would you be happier if they stole your car?
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    That thing could hurt somebody.
  4. LOL Where does it say anything about atheists? Or atheists being frightened of a cross? What a joke.

    Are you assuming their atheists because they're criminals? Surely a christian is not capable of committing a crime....
  5. after the U.S. Supreme Court allowed the religious symbol to remain on federal land.

    The supreme court is a rotten and corrupt joke these days.
  6. CO = 777 :D
  7. I thought people had freedom of religion....!? What is the deal with atheists trying to impose their views on everyone? Hey... a socialists worst enemy... someone who believes in god! Oh no…:eek: a cross, …comrade Lenin is rolling in his grave!!
  8. You have this backwards, genius. The religious people were the ones who erected a large cross, effectively imposing their view on everyone.

    In this case I support the cross being there. Not as a religious symbol or a symbol of god or anything, but as a symbol of respect for fallen soldiers.

    It's also bothersome when someone starts a thread with a title like this one, even though the article posted says nothing about atheists or atheists being afraid or anything.
  9. Anyone with even a shred of intellectual honesty knows some cry baby atheist was behind this cowardly act. OH NO, there's a cross. The God thing is coming to get me. Man up bitches. If there isn't a God, why are you so scared?
  10. Hey... religion might be bad but socialism is worse. :D At least religion keeps those godless commies away...

    To continue this line of thought I'm becoming rather skeptical on the motivation of the atheist movement. I smell closet socialists... each and every one of them...

    Why is it that only Christianity is attacked openly...? I don't see them complaining about... oh let's say Hinduism!? :p
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