Atheist nightmare come true. Archeological evidence of Jesus.

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  1. is this anything like the time you were sure they found noahs ark?in any case i think most people accept that there was once a man named jesus in the middle east.
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    That's what I thought, too, but we have guys here who think there was never even an ordinary, but politically radical, man named Jesus back then.
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    There is plenty of evidence in the historical record that Jesus was a real person. It has been his rising from the dead and assention to Heaven that is tough to prove.

    Mohammed, on the other hand, is probably a product made by Arab kings as a means to control the people.
  4. I wonder if you think that if you keep telling yourself gravity isnt real, that maybe you can fly too.
  5. We atheists don't have nightmares about religious issues/concepts. We simply believe "Creationists" are delusional.

    Whatever floats your boat.
  6. Jesus may have been a "real person"... but was he actually the "Son of God"?

    Were stories about him factual or embellished?

    Hard for us science-educated folks to accept anything about religion. However I recall Chemisty 100... the prof once made a statement something like, "... It's all so fantastic, the only explanation is Divine Creation". I went, "WTF?"

    Dr. Fred Dewey. As fine a science teacher as there ever was... in spite of his belief in Creationism.

  7. Correction: :" impossible to prove "
  8. you know what they say you have to have to be a real christian. childlike faith. you seem to fit that discription well.
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    Sort of like the theory of the spontaneous creation of life. It turns out it's harder to make happen than cold fusion. Scientists are still working to prove both with an equal lack ofsuccess.
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