Atheist gets away with rape for over 30 years.

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    Since the atheists love to find people who are religious doing things wrong, just thought I would post this to stir the pot a bit. Just shows how "dangerous" atheism is. The guy still has no regrets about raping the 13 year old girl. Why doesnt he have any regrets? Because he doesnt have a god to answer to. His money is his god and he is trusting in that.
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    Moron. You are bitching about loving money on a trading website? :)
  3. There seems to be a disproportionate number of Catholic Priests getting caught for fingering kiddies.
  4. About 10 times the amount of children getting molested by teachers, yet we dont try to get rid of the education system do we? And there are plenty of schools that cover it up too!
  5. as usual you just pulled that statement out of you ass. besides who knows how many boys priests have raped since the catholic church started. it has been around for many centuries.
  6. I have to appologize Vhehn. I did pull that number out of my ass. I only knew that educators had been molesting alot of children. I did some research and here is the truth. Its not 10 times as many as priests.

    I found the numbers. The number of children molested by priest since 1950 is 50,000!

    The number of children molested by educators in 1996 alone? 7 MILLION!

    So its not 10 times. It's ONE THOUSAND times!

    Thank you for correcting me Vhehn. I'm a big enough man to admit when I am wrong.

    Heres the link to my source.
  7. thats opinion. i dont see any evidence in that piece. even if it were true it wouldnt make you case any better. since 80% of americans claim to be christians that means 5.6 million school children were molested by christians last year.
  8. Here is another stat in that article.

    Between 1% and 5% of teachers sexually abuse or harass students.

    Since 5% of america claims to be atheist, we could say that its all atheists doing it.

    Anyways...this is a line from boston magazine.

    one report found that in 1998 there were 103,600 reported cases of sexual abuse in public schools nationwide, most involving teachers. In most cases of sexual exploitation of children, men are usually the predators, and the victims are almost always boys.

    Homosexuals are not Christians. This is one of the many reasons God destroyed Sodom and why in leviticus it says they must be put to death.

    Estimated number of teachers nationwide is 3.3 million. Its estimated that 2.3% of people are homosexual (I thought it was 10%, but i found a website that said it was 2.3%) Anyway...2.3% x 3.3 million = 75,900. Now...there were 103,600 REPORTED cases. 75,900 teachers were homosexual. It seems to me that its a safe bet that nearly ALL homosexual teachers molest boys while at school.

    Now...on to the priests. Did it ever occur to you that homosexuals infiltrate the clergy just so they can get close to young boys? Its actually a perfect front for homosexuals because they dont have to explain why they are not married and no one suspects a thing.

    homosexuals are way more likely to be atheists just because of what the bible says about them. So there ya go, vhehn.
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    Pelit, you've made a small error, no offense. 2.3% of the population is homosexual, so there are over 8 million gays in the US. Therefore, ALL teachers, since they only number 3+ million, are homosexual and molest boys. This necessarily means that all female teachers are homosexual and molest boys, too, curiously.
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