Atheist country thinks old wood from earth are moonrocks!

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    Only took 20 years to find out a "moon rock" was actually just a piece of wood. I thought atheists were supposed to be skeptics about things? Oh thats right. They are only skeptics about religion. If someone tells them a piece of wood is a moon rock, or that we all came from monkeys, they believe it and they dont examine the evidence(or they take 20 years to figure it out)

    Personally, to me, the reddish tint would've given it away since every other moon rock in the world is greyish, not to mention the moon is grey. I bet you 20 bucks though that it may have crossed their mind that trees might have once grown on the moon. I know atheists do not like to admit they are wrong ever.
  2. not only are you not very intelligent when it comes to science you have trouble understanding what you read. there seems to be a select group of imbeciles on et. you,eight,maxpi,murry. there seems to be only one common denominator . you are all fundamentalist christians. could it be?
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    What does this "moon rock", proven to be a piece of wood, have to do with religion?

    If anything, it just goes to show that humans never landed on the moon.
  4. Funny article.