Atheist camp for kids!

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    For years atheists have been telling Christians that they are brainwashing their kids. Now they are doing the same thing they say we are doing.

    Here are some of my favorite lines in that article.

    "Campers play games that encourage critical thinking such as one called Evolution and another where they are asked to prove something invisible doesn't exist.

    This would be a fun game for me. I would say to the kids..."Ok, prove to me that wind doesnt exist. Or Air. Or Love. Or your conscience.

    "It's important for them to have a place to learn how to investigate the world and to not accept what they hear," said camp director Chris Lindstrom

    Hmm..important for them not to accept what they you mean like not accepting evolution, chris? Or are you leading the kids to just not accept what they hear about God?
  2. Mav88


    Invisible rigorously means immeasureable by any means.

    Wind: Physical movement of air, easy to measure, and you can actually image it using the right equipment.

    Love: Is not an entity, it is an emotional state. Physical existence is not a valid question unless you are talking about measuring bio-chemical states.

    Conscience: This is a concept, not an enitity.

    God: Is supposed to be an entity, however has not been physically detected.

    Theist camp should first learn to ask smart questions.

  3. critical thinking and religion can not coexist. critical thinking must be stopped immediately.