Atheism vs. Theism Chat -- Monday at 8pm

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aphexcoil, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. Who can make it? Come out and play. Stu, ART, Axeman, Longshot, Gekko, Malestrom -- the ball is in your court.

    Let's solve this once and for all. 90 minute debate.

    Prepare to get your asses kicked, atheists.
  2. R you serious :p

    ATHEISTS we gotta great FRONT LINE!

    dont forget TUROK -he's great off the line ! :cool:
  3. The only way it would work in a debate format would be to have a moderator who could stop the flaming.
  4. nah we dont need no mods we all adults :)
  5. Turok


    >nah we dont need no mods we all adults

    Of flaming only.

  6. Count me in for the debate.

    However, I don't think it's possible in a chat format, do you?
    We should just start another thread in addition to the already several hundred dealing with theological topics. :)
  7. There is a chat room on this site.