Atheism is a or is a product of mental illness...

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Atheism is a or is a product of mental illness...

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  1. Yes or No.
  2. "Is a" or "Is a"???

    Why even ask this question?
  3. Two different possibilities:

    1. Atheism is a mental disorder.
    2. Atheism is the product of a mental disorder. Atheism would be a reaction to severe psychological damage of painful religious conditioning as a child, leading to a reactive move toward atheism and against religion. It is a kind of "snapping"* from one extreme of devout religious belief to an equivalently devout non religious belief.

    In either case, the condition of a practicing atheist would be the product of some mental illness, either atheism itself or something else that drove a person to adopt atheism.

    Bottom line would be that the person who was an atheist would be suffering from a mental illness/disorder of some kind...


    The authors Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman describe snapping as:

    "an experience that is unmistakably traumatic ... Sudden change comes in a moment of intense experience that is not so much a peak as a precipice, an unforeseen break in the continuity of awareness that may leave them detached, withdrawn, disoriented - and utterly confused."

  4. You have got to be kidding. So if a person does not believe in a biblical god he/she has a mental disorder?
  5. Seems that most people with mental disorders are on the other end of the spectrum when it comes to religion. Therefore this thread absolutely sux, and you have once again failed miserably. Carry on.
  6. Agnosticism is not a mental disorder.

    Disbelief with a corresponding vehemently closed mind is not a natural state...just look at children.

  7. You are welcome to start a thread on the extremist religious types...

    Or you can continue your own crusade of trolling and grinding your axe against other ET members...

  8. Biblical God is not really the issue.

    There are plenty of people who don't believe in the Bible yet they believe in God...

    Just having a disbelief in the Bible is not itself atheism...

  9. No less a luminary than Einstein called psychology the lying science. These rhetorical alchemies they use are nothing more than creating ever more rigid structures for their indispensibility.
    Next in line is big pharma who'll dream up a pill to deal with the
    psychosis. "What, you're an atheist? Put your finger in this box and we'll go over your childhood ...and take two of these twice a day." How about we prescribe both extremes until we arrive at the mean regression ...agnosticism.
  10. My response was perfectly reasonable given your OP. Feeling vilified again?

    When you watch a football game, and they go into a huddle, do you think theyre talking about you?
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