“The Last Picture Show”: Obama’s Fiscal Year 2010 Budget

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  1. “The Last Picture Show”: Obama’s Fiscal Year 2010 Budget

    Richard C. Cook
    Global Research
    March 2, 2009

    *** “The Last Picture Show” was a 1971 film depicting the decay of small town America . It took place in the fictitious town of Anarene , Texas .

    Obama’s new bubble budget is America’s “Last Picture Show.”

    We hear a distant tune reminiscent of America’s high and lonely places and the sound of a dry wind blowing. It’s March 2010 in the tiny West Texas town of Anarene . Nothing much happens here any more. The last business shut down a couple of years ago. It was a cement plant that went broke after the housing bubble burst and the banks stopped lending. The kids out of high school drive their jalopies from one end of Main Street to the other past boarded-up storefronts.

    Some of the grown-ups carpool to low-wage jobs in a city 50 miles down the road. The elderly have had their Social Security eaten up by the high price of food but still get by on Spam and Kool-Aid. There used to be a movie theater, but it too closed a few months ago. Not a single person went to the “Last Picture Show.”

    But there is change in the air! President Barack Obama, who was elected president a couple of years ago, is in the middle of his fiscal year 2010 budget. The 2009 budget had a deficit of $1.75 trillion, a number no fool could even have imagined before the crash of 2008. The projection for 2010 is $1.17 trillion, due to the government’s hopes for an economic recovery. But the jury is out on whether a recovery will ever happen.

    Some say the banks are starting to lend again, though no one at the Anarene State Bank knows anything about it. Some say the city down the road is getting a plant to make blades for those new wind turbines. The Anarene high school got funding for an adult training course on writing resumes. The Nightly News says, “ America is coming back.”

    I wish!

    So what is really going on here?............. http://www.infowars.com/“the-last-picture-show”-obama’s-fiscal-year-2010-budget/