At What Point To We Just Start Punching These Liberal Idiots In The Face

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by FeenixRizin, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. ...fair question, no?

    (Ok, im showing my frustration haviing had to read the opinions of these idiots in literally 10,000 posts... ( i generally believe there is good in most everyone ....)

    There is also a great deal stupity
  2. It's a mark of genius, when you have your advisories apologize..

    at least we are the ones who are armed..

    Punch a liberal in the face today, ... do it, blame it on me
  3. I bet there's a great deal of stupidity wherever you go. It follows you, doesn't it? I'm guessing there's probably also a great deal of body odor, and it also follows you everywhere. Take a moment. Why do you think that is?
  4. Lucrum


    What's the matter thuderpussy?
    Afraid someone is going to punch you in the face?
  5. maxpi


    Who says they don't get punched in the face? Would they advertise if liberal knocking was a new hobby-sport? It's pretty hard not to screw with them on the odd occasion when you get the opportunity I must admit..

    I've yet to get in a fight over politics, most polite company won't discuss religion or politics, it's a rule in some places... I don't vote, I don't argue much anymore. Why bother? Liberals have won. They have $100 Trillion [With a T] in unfunded liabilities in place and they refuse to balance the budgets anywhere so the argument is over... Remember the Graham Rudman Act? They took it to the supreme court and got it overturned, the really big money people want to collect interest from the public sector and it's discussion over...

    The likely outcome is inflation so it's good to be trading and building an asset base of real property...
  6. savage says Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    you wouldn't hit a sick man, now would ya?
  7. Bless you.
  8. Interesting how, unlike all the world with the exception of some Third World countries, you Right Wingers are the only sane ones on the planet. Yeah, go with that.