At what point do we start to panic?

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  1. This is not a bottom thread, but I watch this market drop day after day after day, and sure the economy is bad, but at what point do we just say holy shit and buy gold bars and deer rifles?

    Of course thats over dramatic, but really, most people have felt the impact of a slow economy a little bit...maybe its harder for them to get a loan, maybe the interest rate is different, maybe they cant go to the movies every week like they used to...but thats all small what point does this drop in the stock market havevery serious adverse affects to everyday americans? Once again I dont want t downplay the fact that a lot of americans are hurting now, but lets face it MOST of them are going on business as usual with a few minor changes...when do the changes become drastic?
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    if we drop another 3% tomorrow and crash on monday then I will really start considering this is the 'big one'
  3. I agree. I think were 10 percent away from a global collapse.
  4. the FED could easily stop it, the CB's get together over the weekend and create a private hedge fund with capitalizations of trillions.

    Whenever sellers step in the CB's buy up the contracts and take them out of circulation, eventually the open interest gets locked up, the limited supply drives the existing contracts limit up.. for a few days. Causing enough pain in the sellers.
  5. i just went into 90% cash and expect another drop tomorrow.
  6. Whats the big deal? The stock market has fallen 50%,75% and even 85% in past bear markets. Its not like its the end of world, its not World War III or anything like that.
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    I dont think people understand the extend of which asset declines can drive cascading defaults across the world due globalization. iceland going under will lead CDS settlements, hidden bonds in pension funds in sweden etc
  8. This is getting a little unsettling. I'm not prone to being easily spooked as I've mostly traded the OTCBB over the years. Easy come, easy go. But this continues...this will effect more than the pocket book.
  9. you guys are worrying about this now?

    Where were you three years ago? All the signs were there. This is just what had to happen. Be happy it's happening, so it can end soon - on e way or another.

    Big volume today. Capitulation tomorrow or Monday. Any rally is not good. Get rid of all the folks. Has to happen. Let the Government sweat. They know they have to open the spiggot, or else the townsfolk will burn down the Capitol Bldg on the way to the White House.
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    Well end of the World is in 2012

    But this is the begining...

    life willl become so miserable and it will be like the Dark ages again... and eventually in 2012 we're gonna get Nuked by Iran.
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