At the right price even ADAM SMITH would bailout FNM FRE

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Daal, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. Daal


    Lets say that not supporting them would lead to the end of the solar system, clearly nobody would let them fail.

    What some free marketers dont realize is that they might disagree with bernanke and paulson on the extend of how bad things will be if they fail NOT whether 'bailing out' is right or not.
    If you are disgusted by this then tell me, if your entire family would be tortured for hours by alqaeda in front of you if fnm and fre filled for bankruptcy would you still be unhappy?if you say yes, you are a liar.

    this has everything to do with risk reward. so go ahead and disagree with paulson and bernanke on their R/R analysis but not with their ideology
  2. if democrats did a bailout like this there would be no end to the bashing. when you hear a country nationalize an industry, there is scoffing at the "socialists" that run that place. now we're doing it right here in the US. haven't heard a cross word said about it toward bush yet. makes you wonder.