AT &T Wireless After Hours Rally

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  1. The stock rallied from 10.61 to as high as 11.25.

    Anybody seen any news?

    Given I shorted 14,000 against the imbalance, I'm already down
    $8000 on the position .

    It started suddenly rallying abt 20 mins after the close.
    I know it's in play, but I'm wondering..........................
  2. AWE AT&T Wireless Services Inc.
    Last: 10.61
    +0.05 SG Cowen Says it believes a purchase of the company by Cingular is "most likely" and that a cash deal is possible. Notes an estimated $30 billion purchase price assuming an $11.20 per share consideration could be at least half funded w/ existing cash
  3. why would anyone short a takeover stock over a weekend?
  4. scalped it a little bit AH

    but was afraid something was really up ... so I kept my size

    small ... could not make sense of all the rumors on the yahoo message board


    Around 4:50 (EST) Kudlow and Cramer had someone on their show. He said that he could "definitely see other companies raising the bid for AWE...possibly as high as 16-18 dollars."

    Bam...15.60 bid....15.75 trades...15.80 bid....16's go off. Unbelievable. It was like back in '99 when any stock was mentioned on CNBC it would run a few points.

    It started coming back down when the interview ended and someone else said that they thought the bids would only get up to 11-11.50.
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    I never agree with vhehn, but never say never. I agree. Who on earth would short AWE after the news this week ?
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    I would depending on the price. You never know where AWE opens on the NYSE Monday morning. The NYSE tends to dampen moves that ECNs exaggerate in the aftermarket.
  8. I have made significant money shorting against the imbalance on the close and holding till the next trading day. I guess I am due for a loss. I guess I wasn't thinking as clearly as possible.

    Someone mentioned the stock traded in the 15 range. That never happened. It got to 11.25.

    In retrospect, I should have covered when the stock was offered down 4or 5 cts after the close.

    I don't think, under any circumstances, the stock will open above 11.50 given "the formal auction process" started on Thursday. You dont start an auction 1 day and get a higher bid than Cingular's the next.

    If someone on Kudlow was talking abt it, that makes the most sense.

    I was thinking maybe someone knew in advance about an upgrade, but it was upgraded during the day.

    Thanks to everyone for the comments.

    I can suck up a $10-15k loss and go on abt my business. It;s been a good month--I've traded 6.7 million shares.
    However, I would have made 3 times as much with bullets.

    And.....I absolutely hate losing money. I jinxed myself in the morning by saying I hadn't had a losing day as far abck as I could remember.
  9. I fought my urge, but did look at the Yahoo message boards.

    What a bunch of supersillious crap they are. People saying shorts are going to "take it up the a**" and other crude pump and dump comments.
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    How do you get the imbalance information before the close?
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