AT&T "3G" vs Verizon EVDO

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  1. I've been running AT&T's "3G", which is more like 2.5G iirc. Worked fine yesterday, but many times today where it froze. Anyone have an opinion on how AT&T compares to Verizon's EVDO?

    In general, wireless internet is pretty impressive.
  2. ATT's SW sucks. If you have a Sierra card, download their SW.
  3. Most of the Sierra cards act as ethernet cards. Most have no overhead.
  4. Thanks, any idea how VZ's speed and reliability compare to T's?
  5. Cun't say. But I do know that ATT's BW varies all over the map depending on where you are. From zero to blazing. In Dallas, smokin'. But go to the Beach Cities of LA, and it sucks. Or in Cuntsville, places like that where you'd expect it to work.
  6. I've had VZ, Sprint and ATT. Sprint was the most reliable in my locale. ATT should offer the best speeds and latency, but I would go to or and find users in your region.
  7. sprint EVDO is blistering fast in NYC.

  8. I can second that. I was receiving 1.1Mbps in Tribeca.
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  10. Good site, thanks!
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