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  1. I use this. It takes forever to load up a chart once i drop in a symbol...I've called support, answered all the usual questions: do you have alot of things running (no), do you use alot of studies (no), well, we'll switch you to a new's that?(it seems a little quicker)...well good. let us know if there is anything else we can do...

    and yet, the problem is never really solved, and when you need a chart right now, fuggeddaboudit...
  2. run tracert and see what your times are. I had to drop AT because of bad connection into chi-town.
  3. how do i do that AAA?
  4. I use AT and I have the exact same problem...charts take FOREVER to come up. ANd my net connection is relatively fats (under 40 with Ping Plotter). So the problem is not with the connection speed..its at THEIR end. Just cant handle it I guess. This didnt happen when I was at my its the internet version that is having this problem..They just cant handle the volume I guess.
  5. while we're talking software, what do you think about Belz?:mad:
  6. chas,

    go to dos , type in tracert and ip address of AT server, hit enter, see what times are returned. you will no doubt get some doozies if you are getting delays in charts. your problem can only be two things, realistically. either their servers are bogged down by too many users or the connection is slow.
  7. thx aaa
  8. im getting 60-75 mil, but there were 19 lines...does that mean that the signal passes thru 19 servers and that each one has that time?
  9. those are good times, yes you go through all those routers, one gets bogged down and no charts for need to run it when you are having an issue though, as the problems can come and go. if your times are good when you can't get charts, that would be pretty good indication the problem is on AT's end.
  10. Belzberg? I take it you're a Worldco remote trader? I'd be interested in finding out where you trade from. I like Belzberg actually...although it has a long ways to in order for me to be satisfied. It still has lots of bugs also.

    I called AT internet dept...and they said that my slowness can be due to having many windows linked to my chart. Having no links does help..but my buddies at the office have no problems even with the links.

    AT internet is just over-subscribed.. Simple. Im thinking of going through the VPN instead...although that was slow as well.
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