At least India has its own interests in mind.

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  2. when will we realize that they will be dictating terms to us in the future and that we shouldn't accelerate that process?
  3. Easy to fix.

    All products sold in significant quantities in the USA (Europe, etc.) are subject to a sizable carbon tax equivalent to being made via coal energy.

    This also includes the cost of shipping it around the world, as well as the estimated disposal cost of the product in the future.

    This would especially apply to autos & parts, laptops&PCs, TVs, electronic devices, furniture, etc. etc.

    Companies may apply for a rebate/waiver upon showing & thoroughly PROVING that said item is made via alternate or low-carbon energy. Continuing and signifcant violations by companies in a country will put the entire country on the non-waiver list. Ie, it is THEIR job to police.

    This would also apply to all environmental costs, retirement, social security, workmen's comp, health insurance, and everything else that goes into production of goods or services.

    These costs would then be nationalized and funded by these levies. Obviously, American firms pay the same levy, but all these costs are offloaded from them, making them much more competitive.

    In other words, there is no longer any benefit to offshoring jobs, going to countries with lower environmental protection, or that fail to provide adequate wages or benefits to their workers.