At least 50% of success in life comes from luck?

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  1. At least 50% of success in life (in life, not only in trading) comes from luck?

    As Machiavelli said?
  2. That's misleading.

    50% may come from luck, but it's missing the "percent of what?" part. The greater the individual's persistence, smartness, etc, to put themselves in a position where luck can matter, takes care of the "of what".
  3. You can't control the world you were born into, some time periods are just more prosperous than others but it's what you DO with what you have that defines you. Luck is, of course, a part of everyone's equation (just read Outliers, by Gladwell) but I don't know if we can nail down a definitive percentage.

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    Luck my ass

    People who believe in luck also believe in victimization – IMO.....

    And the mkt is NOT where they need to be

    If Machiavelli believed this – then he was an idiot for doing so– again IMO

  5. Sounds spot on to me LOL
  6. Success isn't about luck

    Luck makes it easier no doubt.


    Success is about attitude, hard work and discipline (in that order).
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    Did you know that at least 95.5% of statistics are made up on the spot instead of researched properly?

    It's true, I just did it now :p
  8. Oh my, now we have resorted to political philosophy to explain away our failures.
  9. It's more like 75% success with some idiots I know.
  10. Succesful people underestimate the luck factor, unsuccessful people tend to do the opposite . But luck in general is more important than you think. Even in trading .
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