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    any one else benn having issues with them past 2-3 day

  2. I have had problems the past few weeks. I keep getting an error that pops up. "AT server error" or something like that. Then the quotes stop. Rebooting usually solves the problem but it is a pain.
  3. I was going to post this very thing but I realized I did a while ago and then thought, 'why bother?'

    Yes. AT has acknowledged some server problems to me. They've been coming and going pretty much all summer for me. It's gotten to the point where I don't really trust their quotes any more. And yet, it's my main thing. Scary, huh?
  4. I just got the error pop up window again. To be exact it says: "Connection to ATSERVER lost! Error Status : 13"
  5. I run it all day, and hardly ever lose the server, however, i have gone to DSL server with verizon, and i suspect that some of the problem is with your ISP, or your IP path between your ISP and AT Financial

    BTW, how do you like the software?

  6. sounds familiar. :D
  7. What I want to know is ,when is someone going to come out with a product like their's that has less problems. I would love to switch my traders, but for tape reading NYSE traders AT just has the best package. Unfortunately, AT doesn't seem to care about the traders to improve the product so it doesn't have so many constent problems.
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    That's two posts in a row that has me exited with interest.

    What about AT make it so good for listed traders that read the tape???

  9. ILX bought AT and who knows what they have planned.
  10. They have Time of sales that dynamicall updates. You can link charts, news, and time of sales together. And you can do this for I belive for 12 different sets. Charts can be changed for different views, 5 minute, tick, daily weekly, with one click on the keyboard. You can drag from the quote page to the chart, news, or TOS and have the links update quickly. Charts are also easily zoomed in and out of. You can also have different setups, that can be switched between by one key.

    The problem with them is that out of market quotes tend not to be greyed out once the TOS updates with a new quote from the specialist. If you're running a server from them, and quotes go down, you lose all data from them prior to the system going down. But they may have actually fixed that. In their new version the 3 column TOS can't be color coded. What you need to do is download the prior versions TOS module into the new version. At times, not that often recently, quotes get delayed by a few seconds. Hasn't cost me that much, but it can be annoying when you don't get an NX, when you clearly should have, but the bid or offer wasgone even though AT wasstill showing the quote.

    But the positives outway the negatives. I just wish they would get fixes quicker. Sometimes they don't even put in fixes for several versions, and they don't get subversions or quickfixes to you until a new version comes out.

    For example, ILX does not have dynamic TOS. So in order to update, you have to constantly retype or drag in the symbol. Makes it kinda difficult to watch several stocks. But I heard the new active ILX, which should be the combination of AT and ILX, may have put the best feature of both into that product. We'll see, we're supposed to Demo it soon.
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