AT Financial troubles?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by rttrader1, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. I just got off the phone with one of our offices and was told that AT Financial analytics is going away? As in out of business possibly....I tried to call them and was put on hold and had to get off to take other business calls....anyone here know anything about how they are doing?

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    They are going to stop supporting AT after the new year....But will still offer there Thompson software... It sucks that AT is going away...does anyone know any software that is similar to AT...or has anyone used Thompson financial software?

  3. thanks Gimp570.....I just got another call confirming what you said. We already have a good relationship with eSignal so I guess we are going to migrate most of our traders over to that platform ....

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  4. I hear the new Thomson One REALLY SUCKS. Thomson has been saying that they are going to stop supporting AT for years, but I guess they've finally made a decision to actually do it. From what I've heard, Thomson bought out AT several years ago and there is a guy at Thomson who wants everyone to use his system ( I think it's the guy who designed ILX) instead of AT, despite the fact that its a piece of crap. How can anyone trade using time-and-sales that dont even automatically update? Idiotic.

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    Just because they are not supporting the software does necessarily mean that you can't use AT quotes...I know with OPENARC they stopped supporting it but I still used it for months after
    ...But I am not sure if this will be the case come New Years..
    I am sure going to miss ATF....I have been using them for 5 years now...It will be tough getting used to new quotes...
    I sure wish Andover would come up with a good charting package..anyone here of one in the works??
    Has anyone made the switch from ATF to something else and are happy with there new software..what was the transition like?

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    Not sure if you can still use ATF after they stop supporting it?
    Might want to call and ask.
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    They seem hard to get a hold of
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    I was using AT financial as my quote package and I was very happy with it. When I was informed that they were discontinuing service I tried Thompson one. What a CPU and Bandwidth HOG!!.

    Now I'm using eSignal PRO 7.4 along with Bon Trade and I couldn't be happier. I designed my eSignal layout to look just like my old AT layout and the Bon Trade execution is LIGHTNING Fast!