At conference leaders of Russia, India & ... float idea of new supranational currency

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  1. "Iran and Russia nip at US global dominance"

    "At the SCO summit, and a subsequent Yekaterinburg meeting of the leaders of the emerging BRIC economic tigers – Brazil, Russia, India, and China – Mr. Medvedev pressed his case for a "supranational currency" to replace the US dollar in global economic transactions and called for greater employment of local currencies in trade among SCO members."
  2. Bring back Krushchev (sp?) banging his shoe on the desk at the UN.

    Of course Russia would prefer a new international currency. It would be in their interests.

    Payback for this summer.
  3. Sounds like formation of the New World Order. (Not a evil conspiracy, but the pursuit of globalization and so forth).

    It may be a matter of time before even US supports a global currency. I believe that think tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations would support it. They are not a elitist "evil control/enslave the world population" group... but are a globalist group supporting multi-national organizations. (This country no longer cares about the US dollar... we are allowing the FED to print, print, print fiat currency.)

    In addition to the Clintons & Obama on the CFR membership list... consult Wiki for other notable members:
  4. da-net


    I have a difficult time believing in the idea that the US, UK or European Union will roll over and play dead to another currency. Here's why;

    If you have been in any government offices you will notice that the item that gets them going is ...POWER....nothing else. and the USD represents power, same with the EUR and GBP...they will not give that up without a serious fight...I see the more likely scenario of the other currencies being devastated by those in power and those same people blaming it on the ones they destroy or traders.

    a rinse and repeat of the late 1980s and early 1990s.
  5. I just meant there is a trend for a one world currency.

    European nations hate eachother... Germany and Britain... Britain and France... historic rivals... and yet they all agreed to the Euro.

    Now in America there is a possibility of the AMERO (North American Currency Union) linking Mexico, the US, and Canada. This is not a conspiracy... do google searches.

    Here's Dobbs of CNN on it:

    There is also the African Union which may eventually introduce its own currency.

    So to sum it up... the sovereignty of individual countries is decreasing with the rise of these international organizations. This is obviously a much longer-term plan... but who knows. Some people consider it as a evil conspiracy plot to take over the world. I view it more as a globalist agenda where multi-nationals can profit. It could make products cheaper. Without globalization, sushi wouldn't be available in the US lol.

    One world currency would hurt the currency swap market unfortunately (15x larger than the stock market).:cool:
  6. Russia and China belong to SCO [Shanghai Cooperation Organization] which is an alternative to NATO, these are the only two countries that you should worry about in the long term.

    Brazil and Iran barely have a capable military let alone medium grade nuclear weapons. India has medium grade, yet it pales in comparison to the type of technology and nuclear defence systems that Russia, China and the US have.

    As for the three stooges Britain, France and Germany. At the end of WW2 Germany was castrated militarily, and then about a decade later Britain and France attempted to flex their might in Suez yet the US forced them to pullout. These three nations are simply caricatures of their old selves. Although in a way British culture, language and powerful WASPs (British-Americans) still live on in their rogue colony of America.

    It is important to note that the British Commonwealth does technically have more IMF/World Bank votes yet it would not dare to excercise those rights ever against the US. The British are also partners in crime with the US when it comes to the anglo-american financial system which includes caribbean money laundering.
  7. It's not a conspiracy theory but it has been highly criticized by both countries (Canada moreso for its loss of ability to control monetary policy). It's not an impossibility, but I don't think it's realistic (at least not any time in the near future).