At 11 PM someone bought 7k ES contracts

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by kashirin, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. +3 ES points instantly
    The same thing happened yesterday at 11.18 pm

    Interesting - someone want market higher. Expect 1450-1500 by the end of the month
  2. Sure because 7k cars in ES is so much! Get a clue!!!!
  3. Locutus


    You mean somebody bought 7k contracts and nobody sold them to him? Interesting.... :confused:
  4. Yup, sorry.
    That was me.

    Well, rather it was one of my kids ... got into my trading office two evenings in a row and was playing with the trading software.

    That'll teach me to forget to use the screen lock!
  5. Blotto


    Here is part of the T&S showing the spike.

    ES trades 2 million lots per day. Don't read too much into 0.03% of the volume.
  6. +1