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  1. Buyout offer at 5.00-6.00.

    Pounded straight down to 3.80 on the open.

    Take a look.
  2. Hope some of you jumped on it. :)
  3. i've jumped on it. Will hold.
  4. I sold a bunch at 4.08-4.09.

    Stock acting heavy. Not sure why it's being sold so low with a buyout on the table. Guess the big guys don't believe it?
  5. if u sold at 4.08 then chances are VERY high that u sold to me lol
    small world eh?

    i think it is actin heavy because it has run from low 2s. retail selling, inst. (whatever is left) holding. imho ofcourse:eek: :eek: :eek:
  6. Sold 4,400 at 4.09-4.08 at 10:19:17
    Sold 15,000 at 4.08 at 10:24:17 (4900, 100, 5000, 5000).

    Was that you on the bid for 35k?
  7. lol yes to the 10:24:18am transaction.

    in all my years; first time i get to say hello to my counter-party. nice doing business with you sir :D
  8. really is a small world.

    Hope it sees 4.50 for you today. :)

    All the best.
  9. thanks mate, cheers to you as well.
  10. so management makes official declaration that they ain't gonna take the offer.

    hostile offer in the works?

    ps. me still long
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