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  1. In the past I traded Ventracor and Perpetual Trustee trough CFDs. The tick size was pretty huge but the volatility in these stocks and others listed on ASX is quite amazing.

    I was wondering if anyone has ever traded these securities trough DA and can tell me what brokers offer access to these stocks and what are the costs and commissions.

    All info and imputs will be deeply appreciated.
  2. actually ASX stocks don't offer much in terms of volatility and liquidity for trading, they are though, good for investing for the long term with solid yields in a constantly booming ecomony. i wouldnt trade CFD's with anyone either, trust me on this one.
  3. Hi johnny--Sorry I couldn't reply earlier. Thank you for the input...:)

    I have to disagree about volatility. One of the stocks I mentioned covered moves of 7-10% a day, but as I said the spread on CFDs was massive.

    Not to mention the easy to predict direction that made me have a deeper look at these stocks.

    But if, as you say, there's little or no liquidity available I'm ready do dump the idea of revisiting them....
  4. yes the artifical heart-making company has good volatility, but like you said the spread will kill you, and CFD's have fixed commissions, you want per share pricing. there would be enough liquidity there for you and i, but not enough to keep a tight spread. ideally whatever you trade should have a spread/range ratio of at least 1/10 i.e. if a stock has a 1c spread you would want at least 10c average daily range to even think about trading it. open an a/c with IB and look at small cap NASDAQ stocks trading under $10 with more than million shares per day. good luck.
  5. Thanks J.

    Im already with IB and into NADQ stocks, so you
    understand why I am after volatility.

    Maybe I'll get the opportunity of getting back to ASX stocks coz I want to re-open a CFDs account anyways, in order to get around hard to borrow rules.

    It was more a curiosity than anything...
  6. Why don't you guys trade the SPI instead?
  7. What would be the advantage over Naz?

  8. because for example today it only traded 5.2K on the DEC contract, otherwise if it had the liquidity it would be fantastic.
  9. It's a point spread, and unless you're doing 100+ contract size, you should be able to get in and out easily.
  10. For long term positions it would be a good bet;
    if you can get out of it.

    Are you talking about the one listed on the FTSE?
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