ASX is ready on IB !!!!

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  2. Good news for me down under - excellent IB!

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  3. asx futures?... the first ever exchange traded CFDs'?
  4. Is it only a subset of ASX stocks? I tried to find GJT and it's not in their list.
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    Should be all ASX stocks. I'll find out why GJT isn't in the database and will have it added.

    Actually I just checked and this is classified as a "Listed Managed Investment" by the ASX, so is not in the "Stocks" database. Let me check whether we can add them.
  6. Steve,

    I am sorry for this being off topic, but I would like to understand the problem of adding the AIM sub-exchange at the LSE. I understand a portion of that market is not electronic and that's why it's harder to add to IB? I see the respective feature suggestions in the IB poll now market with the yellow star, i.e. they will be worked on. Will that mean eventually we will be able to trade all LSE and AIM symbols in existence?
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    We list around 130 of the most liquid AIM symbols. If you send symbol requests for ones you want we can maybe add....

    back to ASX...
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    We've added GJT and will be adding all the "LMI's" over the next few days.
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    Sounds good.

    But you should go ahead and add more markets.

    Korean stocks
    Finnish stocks
    Norwegian stocks
    Danish stocks
    Italian stocks
    Spanish stocks
  10. Great, thanks! I think it's wonderful IB monitors and acts on feedback from ET.
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