ASX day trading system!!!

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by jonnysharp, May 8, 2004.

  1. Hey guys,

    can ANYONE with Tradestation or something similar please test the following and post the results;

    Market: ASX200 index CFD (mirrors the actual movements)

    Entry: If the Dow closes above its open, go long ASX200 on open (for example if the Dow closes above its open on Tuesday U.S time, go long ASX200 Wednesday Australia time -> because Australia is ahead of the U.S in time, e.g. on Tuesday U.S time the Dow would close at 6.30AM on Wednesday Australia time)

    <opposite for shorts>

    Stop Loss: 8 pts

    Profit Exit: 4 pts

    Bet Size: Risk 1% of A/c

    <Exit position at end of day if exit or stop has not been hit>

    I'm sorry I don't have testing software, but I've noticed that the ASX200 closely mirrors the DOW's movements!

    Results would be great!
    THANKS a heap!

  2. Here's a correlation. Symbols, in case it doesn't post, are YAP and DJI.

    Be interested to hear what you learn. Might also want to test an 8 or so point target. The 4, which I have used for other reasons, seems like it's within the realm of noise, if that matters - I know little about trading systems.