Asus Laptop for 3 External Monitors

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by LJT, Apr 24, 2014.

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    I am primarily a swing trader and use TOS and Tradestation Simultaneously along with excel spreadsheets and multiple Firefox windows open. I am looking at the Asus N550 Laptop (paired with a docking station) and was wondering on your opinions if this would be a good choice for a 3 monitor set up:
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    One of the concerns I had was would there be a significant bottleneck by using the monitors via the docking station which is a USB 3 port? And is this laptop sufficient for me needs over the next 5 years?

    Thanks for any input
  3. Your laptop fan will be always running at capacity during active market. Can your laptop handle this for 5 years. My current setup use 2 monitors, a bunch of charts open. I notice fan spinning loud when market has a lot of actions.

  4. Why not just go for desktop if you are not that sure if it will suit you, please do tell me if it's really going with them anyway ? Looks like that 5 years already have passed so you can freely express your opinion here anyway. Do you see me ?