Astronaut Ed Mitchell Claims UFOs & Aliens Are Real

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  1. How much does anyone think the stock market will be worth if this is ever disclosed?

    They would probably close the markets for a week or two until they could settle things down.
  2. is the interviewer the gieco lizard?
  3. Sounds like it but the interviewee has a phd from mit and 3 honoray phd's and has walked on the moon.
  4. jem


    I was hoping for a little more detail.

    too much of "my contacts" in his responses.
  5. Former astronaut Jim Irwin spent years looking for the mythical Noah's Ark and now this astronaut claims contact with alien life forms.

    Is there a program being conducted by NASA as to the affects of space travel on intelligence ?!?!
  6. There is all kinds of detail out there. Ufo's shows on history channel all the time. One on now 11.34 pdt now.

    You might want to watch this or some of it.

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  7. Communists probably. Soccer fans too.
  8. No...if they were liberals, they would be in our face already telling us we should let gays marry.
  9. What do ya mean? Gays are Aliens and they are trying to take over Earth and destroy all humanity.
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