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  1. Interested in hearing folks' experiences if they incorporate this into their trading strategies..
  2. Curious where you came up with the idea.

    Are you referring to planetary or lunar cycles?
  3. Yes - reading tea leaves and worrying about where Pluto is makes for a successful strategy.
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    I knew a gal, she was an astrologer and a "white witch", her charts showed that her condo could not go any higher, she sold it before the all time record price runup for her area...
  5. How would you know anything about a successful strategy?
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    If Pluto is in Uranus then you have a problem. Don't take that trade.
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    With a nik like GiantDog, thought you may advocate some traders embracing Pluto in Uranus.
    Regards astrology, we are 80 odd% water so has some validity. Not enough to make me go short or long as a standalone indicator.
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    Years ago, CNBC used to have on an analyst that used astrology. The guy was uncannily accurate in his calls. The last time I saw him on the show, he was calling for DOW 8000 and they all just rolled their eyes. Of course he was right on that call. He was on about the same time that John Murphy was a regular.
  9. You are upset that anyone would not be supportive of astrology? perhaps you can list all the professional advisors and vendors who have proven their longterm success? And if you are going to argue the "lunar cycle" - which is no more a secret than the January effect or the beginning of the month cycle, it needs to KEEP working, not just be proven by analyzing the past.

    And secondly, astrology is trying to predict a person's characteristics based solely on things like zodiac sign, or unsubstantiated "readings".

    Last I checked, the market is pretty made up of everyone - each month, many different ages, countries. So the "astrology" argument doesn't wash, as the market has averaged everyone together.

    Searching the stars and finding something that seems predictable in the market is not necessarily "astrology" it is called "backtesting." It still needs serious walkforward testing.

    A couple decades ago, it was "biorhythm" that were the rage. Except it did not hold up...
  10. Are you upset everyone doesn't listen to you?
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